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Volume 31, No. 3 - May/June 1999

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Propagation of Grapes
In this pair of articles, plant breeder Lon Rombough gives the highlights of Growing Grapes from Cuttings and How to Breed Seedless Grapes
Keep on Trying: A Few Success Stories
In words and pictures, Ben Poirier encourages rare fruit growers to experiment and not give up too easily
Wet Feet, Exotic Fruits and Palms
Trees growing in the swamps of western New Zealand offer a planting model for areas of high rainfall, described by Bernard King
A Trip to Costa Rica - At Last
Florence Strange reports on her visit to Costa Rica's Center for Tropical Agriculture, Investigation and Learning along with the fruits she picked and tasted
A Grower's Experimentation with Pineapple
Thirteen-year-old David Ho reports on Grandfather Paul Quong's successful efforts to grow pineapples in Southern California
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