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Volume 31, No. 2 - March/April 1999

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What All Growers Should Know About Mycorrhizal Fungi
Don Chapman, president of Bio/Organics Supply Center, Inc., gives useful advice on this alternative to chemicals
The Decline of a Golden Era (or, Where Have All the Apricots Gone?)
Master Gardener Warren Bowen traces the decline in apricot production in California in recent years
Returning to Grapes: the Labruscas
C. Todd Kennedy brings us the second part of an introduction to the Fruit of the Year
The Limonaias of Lake Garda
Steffen Reichel and C. Todd Kennedy tell the story of the artificial culture of citrus in Europe
Introducing Vitta, a New Dwarf Lemon
M.G. Alvidse and M.I. Harchilava report on a little-known commercial district of the far north
Mango Orchards Defy the Desert
It takes special techniques and lots of water to grow mangos in the Coachella Valley, reports Russ Glastetter

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