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Volume 31, No. 4 - July/August 1999

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Using Grapes
To use grapes year-round, first you have to store them. Plant breeder Lon Rombough tells you how.
Weeds, Left Unchecked, Can Hurt Orchard Production for Years
The weekly newspaper of the California Farm Bureau offers several ways to attack the weed problem.
The Peento or Saucer Peach
The Chinese saucer peach has a long history and now appears in some California markets under the name 'Donut' peach.
Ripening Fruit
From nurseryman Bernard King in New Zealand comes an assortment of ideas that can help ripen fruit.
Brunei: The Richest Little Kingdom in the World
Fruit surprises in Brunei never cease, reports Maurice Kong, when you have an expert guide like Dr. Bobby Tee.
Table Grapes in Northern California
Richard Jeske tells how he grows his grapes and gives them a star rating from 1 to 5.
Exploring the Fruits of Honduras
Honduras is a beautiful mix of Mayan relics and superb fruits and Noel Ramos gives us words and pictures to prove it.
Short Features
Shrill Shrieks of Shrink Scare Off Raucous Raccoons
High School Students Partner Up to Graft Apples
Coffee Can as Fruit Picker
Festival of Fruit Update
In Memoriam: Chris Popko
Development Fund News
Seed Bank Administrator Needed

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Hands On (Gravel-Pit Gardening)
Nursery Notes
Organic Gardening Q&A (Gophers)
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