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Volume 31, No. 1 - January/February 1999

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Grapes for the Rare-Fruit Grower, Part I
C.T. Kennedy kicks off the Fruit of the Year with an overview of the best of grapes in the West
Gophers and Their Control
Joe Heinz offers eight methods he has found effective over the years in his running battle with pocket gophers
Lucuma in New Zealand
Bernard King reports on what happened to the lucuma collection started in 1980 in New Zealand
Black Kaki Wilt
Kelly Jacobs has given a name to the mysterious disease attacking her persimmon orchard and asks if others are having this problem
More Reports on the 1998 Festival of Fruit
Three more talks from the September meeting are reported:
Love at Fruit Sight!
Tom and Steve McShane visit the Penang Tropical Fruit Farm in Malaysia
Fruit Research in Western Rajasthan
Michael Zarky reports on his visit to a branch of the Central Arid Zone Research Institute in India
Air Layering
Dr. Al Falkenstein's helpful hints are reprinted from the Arizona chapter newsletter
Annual Business Meeting
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