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Volume 30, No. 5 - September/October 1998

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Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) and Mycorrhizae
Do pawpaws have mycorrhizal associations? William Outlaw and his associates examined the roots and report
Keeping the White Sapote in Shape
Bernard King, writing from New Zealand, tells of a simple way he found to keep the sapote tree low enough to pick the fruit
Leafcutter Ants versus the Farmers
On a trip to Latin America, Rebecca Kary saw two different ways coffee planters keep the ants at bay
A Piece of the Puzzle
Dr. Shogo Yamaguchi offers an explanation for the phenomenon of scions that overgrow their host stock
In Praise of Fruit Bats, Part III
Alice Ramirez concludes her series by taking a closer look at some of our fruit-bat friends
The Chilean Hazel: Gevuina avellana
It's native to Chile, but specimens of this pleasant-tasting nut tree are growing in California, Ireland and southwest England, writes Don Gholston
The Ilama: An Annonaceous Fruit of Tropical America
Noel Ramos tastes, photographs and reports on this little-known member of the cherimoya family growing in Florida
Tips on Getting Your Plant Materials Though Customs
Going abroad? Let Rebecca Kary help you get through customs with your cherished plant materials
The Moringa Tree: Multi-Purpose, Fast-Growing
You can cook the pods, peas, seeds, flowers and roots of this easy-to-grow tree, says Dr. Martin L. Price, executive director of ECHO
The Palm Groves of Rocha
Osvaldo Bassini introduces us to the palms of southeastern Uruguay
Rediscovering Thaumatococcus daniellii
Michael Witty briefly updates us on this natural sweetener long used in West Africa
Festival of Fruit Update

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