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Volume 30, No. 6 - November/December 1998

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Reports from the Festival of Fruit
Seven talks from the September meeting are excerpted or reported:
Fruiting Plants in the Native Medicine Basket
Alice Ramirez reports on medicinal properties of some of the teas brewed by Native Americans and Hawaiians from wild berry-plant leaves
Let Garden Art Spice Up Your Backyard
You'd be surprised what you can find to decorate your garden if you keep an open mind, writes Marianne Friedman
Useful Products from Southern California Palms
Palm trees are beautiful, says Dr. Art Schroeder, but they also are the source of useful products
California Coquitos: Backyard Coconuts
Patrick Schafer tells why you may want to plant this easy-to-grow but hard-to-get palm
1998 Fruit Shoot (Photo Contest) Winners
Fruit Registrations
Special Holiday Gift Offer
Don Gholston

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