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Volume 30, No. 3 - May/Jun 1998

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The Popenoe Plot
Frederick Popenoe's contribution to California date culture is recognized in excerpts from Mountain Views sent in by member Rosslyn Lawson
Papayas for Southern California
The lowdown on what to grow and what to expect by Robert Wenski
Also, a sidebar on blasting papaya pests from the Agricultural Research Service, USDA
In Praise of Fruit Bats, Part I
If you feared and loathed bats before, you will sing their virtues after reading what Alice Ramirez found out
Fruit Thinning Redux
While pruning is a fairly common practice, fruit thinning is not - although it is important if you want good-size fruit, writes Eph Konigsberg
Creating a Citrus Cocktail Tree
Who says you don't have room for many citrus? Warren Fauth has 26 varieties on a single tree
Some Thoughts about the Cultivar
We use the term "cultivar" loosely, but Prof. C.A. Schroeder tells us what the word really conveys
Vanilla planifolia -- Common Name: Bourbon Vanilla
From Germany comes this report by Steffen Reichel on how he grows and processes vanilla
1998 Festival of Fruit
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