Fruit Gardener

Volume 30, No. 2 - March/April 1998

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Winter Chill and Freeze Damage (Part II)
Alice Ramirez offers some hints on how to care for freeze-damaged citrus and subtropicals
Applying Fertilizer Through a Drip Irrigation System
Russ Glastetter's fertilizer dispenser is designed for use with water-soluble granular fertilizer
U.C. Davis Hosts Ag Tech '97 Meeting
Ag school features an educational day demonstrating new technologies-in-action and Larry Shore reports on what he learned
Dwarf Fig and Mulberry Trees? You Bet!
Why climb to pick your fruit when you can keep the trees bush-size? Linda Kincaid explains how
Stone-Fruit Varieties for Milder Climates
The chart you've been waiting for: Andrew Mariani's succinct run-down on varieties, winter chilling, and sources for these special stone fruits. (This article is available on-line!)
Dateline Coachella
Take a trip to date country through words and pictures by "fruit detective" David Karp
Growing Avocados from Seed
Horticultural consultant Lee Reich updates "traditional" approaches to planting avocado seeds (This article is available on-line!)
Update On Mulberry (Morus) Collection
George White lists additional mulberry accessions at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Davis
Everyone Should Grow Chestnuts
Chestnuts are easy to grow, writes Mits Kawahara, and delicious to eat
Diversity for the Future: Pomegranate Collection Expanded
The germplasm collection of pomegranates at the NCGR has gone from 10 in 1995 to 73 today, with more in the wings, reports George White

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