Fruit Gardener

Volume 30, No. 4 - July/August 1998

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In Praise of Fruit Bats, Part II
Alice Ramirez gathers some basic facts about bats and chooses to illustrate the straightforward information with the artistic help of two eight-year-olds
A Tale of Corn and Clorox
Ralph Riddle summarizes a Washington Post story on extending the shelf life of fresh corn
A Puzzling Botanical Question
Glenn Young ponders the phenomenon of scions that overgrow their host stock and invites your observations on the matter
Lucuma: Fruit of the Andes
Edgar Valdivia touts the joys of growing (and eating) this fruit of his native Peru, and has pictures to prove it
A Promising Fruit: Lucuma obovata
Alfredo and Phyllis Chiri give us a succinct but detailed rundown on how to grow this unusual fruit
Brave New Fruits: An Introduction to Transgenics
Scientists are breeding pest resistance and improved plant quality into crops with fascinating results, writes Gerald Kinro
Festival of Fruit Registration Form
1998 Festival of Fruit Program

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