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Volume 30, No. 1 - January/February 1998

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Reports from the Festival of Fruit
Four more talks from the October meeting are excerpted or reported:
Protecting Citrus from Winter Chill and Freeze Damage
Part I of this story by Alice Ramirez describes the symptoms of freeze damage in citrus and subtropicals
The Palms of Santa Cruz
Don Gholston kicks off the Year of the Palm with a report on a talk by Brian Legakis, Cabrillo College art historian
The Historical Plant with Unwanted Fruit
The Osage orange has multiple uses, including serving as rootstock for mulberry and fig, but eating is not one of them, writes Prof. C.A. Schroeder
Rare Fruiting: A Report of Recent, Regional, Really Rare Fruits
David Silber writes about recent successes with rare fruit species that grow but seldom fruit in Southern California

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