Fruit Gardener

Volume 29, No. 5 - September/October 1997

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Oscar's 'Oscar' Wins the Oscar
Wonderful mulberries from little seedlings grow, as Oscar Clarke so successfully shows
Growing Papaya in the Phoenix Area
Richard K. Gross says papaya will grow in Phoenix if one follows some simple guidelines
How I Grow Mangos
Warren Fauth reviews the basic steps for growing mango from seed
A Bit About Avocados in Orange County
Before you plant, read the basic information provided by Julie Frink
Soil Testing Offers Multiple Advantages
Soil testing is a management tool that can help prevent and solve many problems, according to Garn A. Wallace, Ph.D.
How to Hand-Pollinate Pawpaws
Neal Peterson, founder of the PawPaw Foundation, explains the fine points of hand-pollination
Finally, Some Fruit
Ben Poirier likes to grow "oddball" fruits and the excitement of tasting them for the first time
CRFG Festival of Fruits

Ask the Experts (Marula, Sweet Lime, Coastal Bananas, Mangos)
Book Reviews
Container Gardening (Best Citrus)
CRFG Kitchen
CRFG Services and Chapters
Hands On (Gravel-Pit Gardening)
Organic Gardening Q&A (Persea Mite) President's Message
Publications & Merchandise List
Seed Bank
Vegetable Patch (Tips for September and October)

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