Fruit Gardener

Volume 29, No. 6 - November/December 1997

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Origin of the 'Selma' Cherimoya
Paul Thomson relates the origin of this cherimoya and how it got its name
Remembering the 1997 Festival of Fruit
Excerpts from handouts and talks by Desmond R. Layne on pawpaws, Bob Hornback on Burbank's experiments in cactus breeding, and Andy Mariani on stone fruits for milder climates*
New Citrus Varieties for California
Dr. Tracy L. Kahn and Ottillia Bier report on the breeding program of the Citrus Variety Collection at UC Riverside
It Isn't Exactly Eden
Allison Yerger and Dick Gross tell how the Subtropical Demonstration Garden in Phoenix got started
Import/Export Regulations for Horticultural Germplasm
The intricacies of importing seeds and vegetative materials are explained by George White, National Clonal Germplasm Depository at Davis
News Notes from a New Zealand Nursery
Four tricks for improving your plants from Bernard King
Drying Persimmons the Old-Fashioned Way
Mits Kawahara tells how to dry persimmons without an electric dehydrator
Horticultural Air Defense
To keep the birds from sampling your fruit, you may need an active means of intimidation, writes Herbert Baehre
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*Andy's handout from the Festival of Fruit (not the Fruit Gardener article) is available on-line
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