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Volume 29, No. 4 - July/August 1997

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Protecting Your Mulberry Crop
Planting cherries doesn't deter the birds, says Lisa Stapleton, who offers five ways to scare (or fool) the invaders
Che: a.k.a. Chinese Mulberry
Don Gholston gives basic information on the che, long-appreciated in the Orient but relatively new to America
In Search of the 'Black Doris' Plum
Can anyone help Ivan Rowe find this plum?
Travel Tips for (Fruit) Lovers
Peggy Winter visits the Caribbean and makes some recommendations
A Springtime Field Trip to a Northern California Garden
Florence Strange shows her orchard to a group from the California Academy of Sciences Botany Club
This terrible-tasting fruit, reports Gerald Kinro, has some interesting uses
California Farm Conference Workshops
Mits Kawahara reports on the workshop dealing with mulching practices in avocado and citrus groves
What If?
Janet Gallo hints at what you can find on the CRFG pages on the World Wide Web
Would You Know the Answer?
A New Zealand mother gets the answer she's looking for from CRFG by e-mail
Mulberry Collection: National Clonal Germplasm Repository
Curator George White takes the repository from a single seedling to an international collection
The Cultivation of Hearts of Palm in Costa Rica
John Luard grows this delicacy as a crop, sparing the forests of Brazil
'Selma': The Pink-fleshed Cherimoya
Cherimoya Cultivar Identification
In this pair of articles, Alan Schroeder continues his quest for information on this unusual variety while Norman Ellstrand and Janet Clegg confirm 'Selma's authenticity through isozyme analysis
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CRFG Festival of Fruits

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