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Volume 28, No. 5 -- September/October 1996

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The "Brazenly Beautiful" Tamarillo Fruit
Dr. C.A. (Art) Schroeder discusses this Solanum better known in New Zealand than in the U.S.

A Guide for Choosing Rare Fruit Trees for Your Yard
David and Tina Silber provide a useful list for three different climate areas (This article is on-line.)

Increasing the Fruit Set of Exotic Solana
A reprint from John Riley's Solanaceae Newsletter addresses some grower frustrations

The Heritage Orchard at Prusch Park
This ambitious project of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of CRFG has an interesting past and a promising future, reports Bob Allen

Tropical Fruit, Climate and the Internet
CRFG climate data specialist Jeff Earl goes from disaster to success growing rare fruit in Modesto, California

Native Fruits of Indonesia
Rod Kiewiet reports on what you missed by not going to hear Jeanine Pfeiffer talk on her Indonesian experiences

A New Berry Plant: Blue Honeysuckle
Dr. Maria Plekhanova of Russia's Vavilov Institute reports on her honeysuckle-breeding program

Pest Management at its Worst
Horticulturalist Ann Schwind deplores advice given by radio garden commentators

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