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Volume 28, No. 6 - November/December 1996

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From Burbank to Burger King
Bob Hornback, a Burbank enthusiast, tells us the history of the 'Burbank' potato

The Cape Gooseberry
A pair of articles on this tasty fruit -- one by C.A. Schroeder asks "Will It Come to Market?" while the other by Richard Grotjahn and Judith Eash shows that the cape gooseberry is "Uncommon but Not Forgotten"

The Pepino Dulce: Still Only a Potential New Crop?
Jim Neitzel reviews the literature on this unique fruit and concludes there is a niche to be filled

Cooking Quinces -- Getting Started
Bob Allen "discovered" quinces some 10 years ago and gives some basics on preparing them

Mystery of the Missing Bees
The Varroa mite poses a major threat to our bees and therefore hurts farmers, gardeners and consumers, writes Alice Ramirez

Orange County Chapter Does It -- Again
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