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Volume 28, No. 3 -- May/June 1996

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A Tale of Three Meetings
Our reporters bring back valuable information from two Sustainable Agricultural Conference and the 1996 California Farm Conference

It Takes Two to Tangor
Citrus from all over the world add novelty to America's third most popular fresh fruit, writes David Karp

Growing Fruits in the Inland Empire
In Part III of this series, William Drysdale reports on growing loquats in Riverside, California

This member of the Solanaceae, while definitely not poisonous, held some surprises for Lon Rombough

The Sugar Leaf Plant
Roger Meyer reports on this unusual herb that has a sweetening potential several hundred times that of sugar

The All-American Pawpaw
Dr. Desmond R. Layne discusses the growing interest in this native tree fruit (Part I)

A Picture Tour of West Lilac Road
Ben Poirier takes pictures of his "funny fruit" in his Fallbrook garden in Southern California

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