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Volume 28, No. 2 - March/April 1996

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Edible Fruits in Solanum L.
This overview of edible fruits from John Riley's Solanaceae Newsletter is part of the ongoing coverage of the Fruit of the Year

A Penchant for Pomegranates
Alice Ramirez visits John Chater who relates the several uses of plant and fruit

Growing Fruits in the Inland Empire
In Part II of this series, William Drysdale reports on growing pomegranates in Riverside, California

Direct Marketing Revisited
The Kinnicutt family gets something besides money for their produce

The Winter of the Grafter's Discontent
Thoughts from Andy Mariani on early collecting, artificial chilling and late grafting of scions in mild winters

Chinese Limonnik, Schizandra chinensis Baill
From Leonid Burmistrov in Russia comes some basic information on a fruit little known in the U.S.

You, Too, Can Be a Fruit Hybridizer
Gretchen Sanders reports on Andy Mariani's 10-step hybridizing process that is not all that difficult

A Garden Phantom
Ever taste a yakon? Jerry Sortomme and his students grow (and eat) them in Santa Barbara City College

Tomatoes, Potatoes More Similar in the Wild
Examination of genetic material by USDA researchers establishes the close relationship between potatoes and tomatoes

Cooperation is Fun and Profitable
Chapter membership offers the advantage of buying plants in bulk, says Joe Sabol

Incidental Intelligence
What Peruvians knew many years ago about coca that we didn't


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