Fruit Gardener

Volume 28, No. 4 -- July/August 1996

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The Mango in the Philippines
Dr. Roberto Coronel reports on cultivars, propagation and forcing trees to flower

Advice from CRFG's Mango Specialist
North San Diego chapter newsletter has tips from Jerry Staedeli

Summer Care for Mango Trees
Tim Thompson explains why summer is a critical time for mangos

The All-American Pawpaw
Researcher Desmond Layne reports on where pawpaws are being grown and tells how you can grow them, too

What Do You Do With a 70-pound Coconut?
The coco-de-mer palm is grown more for its beauty than for its nut, writes George Frickmann

Red Hot and Blew
David Karp takes us on chile pepper tour, complete with 24 color-laden pictures

Letter from Israel
An Israeli agronomist keeps Eunice Messner and others informed of what he's doing at the Volcani Institute

Excerpts from John Riley's Pet Project
"Growing Solanaceae from Seed" and "Pepino Dulce" are reprinted from the Solanaceae Newsletter

Quassia amara
Wim Veer writes from Suriname about the medicinal properties of this beautiful shrub and Dottie Logan tries it out

'Selma': The Pink Cherimoya
Yes, it exists, says Alan Schroeder, despite its obscurity for the experts

Development Fund Report
CRFG Annual Meeting

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