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Volume 28, No. 1 - January/February 1996

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Zaiger Genetics Field Trip: A Lesson in Creation
New varieties and the ways to achieve them are reported by Maria Luz Berrones

Zaiger Genetics: Where From? Where To?
Founder Floyd Zaiger's three children carry on in the greenhouse, the lab and the field, a family story told by Alice Ramirez

The Solanaceae
Classification of this family differs, depending on the taxonomist, writes Ron Kadish

This Mango, What's Its Name?
Tim and Darla Thompson rate 20 mangos for eating quality (This article is on-line.)

Sustainable Agriculture Conferences
Regional conferences meet on February 9

Girdling to Induce Flowering
Alois Falkenstein girdles his lychee and the fruit is large

Letter from Suriname
Eunice Messner and Wim Veer exchange thoughts

Eden in a Mine Shaft
Deep inside the earth some plants grow amazingly well, writes Alice Ramirez

To Tame the Cantankerous Cherimoya
Alice Ramirez chronicles a visit to California Tropics

Growing Fruit in the Inland Empire
A report on growing guavas in an interior valley by William Drysdale

Fruit Exploring on the Internet
Alice Ramirez elicits opinions on akee in cyberspace

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CRFG Business Meeting
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