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Volume 27, No. 5 - September/October 1995

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Grow Mangos and Bananas in Southern California?
It's not as difficult as you'd think, say Tim and Darla Thompson reporting on their mango experience and Alice Ramirez reporting on a talk by Eph Konigsberg

Kiwis Won't Fruit?
David Kuchta tells which varieties to buy

What Can a Growers Association Do for Its Members?
Claude Sweet relates the origins of the California Cherimoya Association

Double-Duty Approach Grafting
What to do with tropicals and subtropicals that don't like to have their growth interrupted, as told by Roger Meyer

The Soil in Your Orchard
Glenn Young explains the soil texture triangle used by university soil science departments

UC Cooperative Extension Needs Your Help
Yvonne Savio asks rare fruit growers in Southern California to comment on a variety list for the area

From the Ground Up: Drying Raisin Grapes on the Vine
Grapes dried on the vine give quality raisins at less cost, reports Robert Chambers

How I Grow Loquats with More Flesh and Less Seed
David Silber offers seven basic principles for getting quality fruit

Plug into the Master Gardeners
Master Gardener classes give 50 hours of training and CRFG members love it

A Propagation Idea that Works
Glenn Young finds another use for a clothes hanger...and for a compost pile

Evergreen Fruit Plants: Scion Collection and Grafting
Collecting scions of evergreen fruit plants is tricky, writes Todd Kennedy

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