Fruit Gardener

Volume 27, No. 6 - November/December 1995

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Fifteen Years of Apple Growing in Granada Hills
David Silber discusses low-chill varieties, popular and obscure, that grow and fruit successfully in Southern California

How to Grow Your Own Mango Tree from Seed and Win the Lottery
The odds of getting a good mango from seed are much better than winning the California Lottery, say Tim and Darla Thompson

The Genus Amelanchier: Or the Juneberry is Really a Pome Fruit
CRFG Co-founder Paul Thomson spells out the basics on one of the lesser-known pome fruits

The Ups and Downs of Planting Trees on a Cal Poly Hill
Both CRFG Orange County chapter members and Cal Poly students benefit from their warm relationship, report Pat Houghton and Clarence Barker

Growing Loquats in Philo, California
Along with helpful growing tips, Patrick Schafer provides photos and descriptions of 11 of his 40-cultivar loquat collection

Apples for Northern California
Gretchen Sanders evaluates a few of Northern California's many apples

Marketing Subtropical Fruits as a Small Business
Alice Ramirez visits Richardson's Seaside Banana Garden with other CRFG members and comes away with an informative story

CRFG Annual Meeting Report: Abstract of Mycorrhizae Presentation
by Bargyla Rateaver, Ph.D.

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