Fruit Gardener

Volume 27, No. 3 - May/June 1995

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Persimmon Pruning
Ten things to remember by Jim Bathgate

The Fig: A Short History (along with Some Recollections Sweet and Bitter)
Knowing the four types of fig, writes George Herrera, will help you know what to expect

Potted Kiwis
David Kuchta says you can grow kiwis in a container if you choose your cultivar wisely

CRFG Attends the 1995 California Small Farm Conference
Peter Holthe reports on specialty crops and peppers while
George Quesada recommends two books and some audio tapes

Albert Etter and the Pink-Fleshed Daughters of 'Surprise'
Pink-fleshed apples have an intriguing history and a captivating future as reported by Ram Fishman

Annual Pilgrimage to Lindcove
Chuck Rust reports on what's new in citrus varieties and how an insectary breeds beneficial bugs

Packing It In: Two Visits in a Single Day
Emory Walton reports on the latest in citrus packing equipment as well as Herb Drapkin's secrets of success

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