Fruit Gardener

Volume 27, No. 2 - March/April 1995

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The Wild West Opens up to Rare-Fruit Growers
Roger and Shirley Meyer give details of a visitor-exchange program between Western Australia's WANATCA and CRFG

Cactus: Source of Perhaps the Perfect Fruit
Cactus varieties are easy to cultivate and generous in their food value, says Alice Ramirez

Medlars: A Rare Rare Fruit
Cosmetic it isn't, reports C.T. Kennedy, but if you dig the weird, the medlar is it

Citrus in Containers in the Greenhouse
Paul Moore lists the most reliable citrus varieties for indoor cultivation and gives advice on growing them

Deer Fencing and Deer Sprays
Give deer a lesson on electricity and they won't come back, but if they do, spraying works well, says David Kuchta

Springtime Thoughts
If the flowers smell sweet, can the fruit be far behind? Ask Ben Poirier

The Edible Biblical Garden
Ed Hager undertakes a challenging task and finds his rewards

The Role of Earthworms in Healthy Soils
Looking for hard-working help in the garden? Bring back the earthworm

Gibberellic Acid for Seed Germination
The Seed Bank sells GA. Should you buy it?

I Think A Can
Edna Hrdock-Haase beats the water-penetration barrier with bottomless gallon cans

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