Fruit Gardener

Volume 27, No. 4 - July/August 1995

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The Loquat: A Fruit of Quality
An overview of this lesser known but delightful pome fruit by Prof. C.A. Schroeder

A Day at the Fair
A visitor to the Ventura Fair leads Ed Hager and Dick Watts to an unusual jujube

From 'Bartlett' to Asian: A Pear Lover's Journey
Jim Bathgate relates his experience with Asian pear cultivars in Valley Center

Growing Garlic from True Seed
Alice Ramirez reports on research by UDSA geneticist Philipp Simon on this popular addition to many cuisines

Deep Freeze Preserves Valuable Apple Buds
New experiments create an emergency back-up of 250 apples with more to be added

Containerized Layering of Malus Rootstocks
For the Year of the Pome Fruit, Fruit Gardener revisits Richard Munson's 1982 report on propagating clonal apple rootstocks

Food for Thought: Fertilizing Our Plants
Tips from soil scientist Brent Hallock

An Armada...of Lady Bugs
David Kuchta thinks lady bugs by the millions are a bit much

Calcium Sprays: Better Fruit, Healthier Trees
UDSA tells why Northwest fruit producers spray their trees with calcium

New Pome Fruit Cultivars
George Quesada reports on the best new apple cultivars in Japan

Fruit Families and Relatives
Relatives, whether animal or vegetable, can be exciting or boring, says Alice Ramirez

When You Go Visiting
Courtesy tips from Gretchen Sanders

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