Fruit Gardener

Volume 27, No. 1 - January/February 1995

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From Bare Ground to Fruiting Pome Orchard
A guided tour by CRFG Pome Specialist Charles Estep

Avocado, Research and CRFG
Gray Martin launches high-density trials with Orange County chapter grant

Mulching Tropical Fruit Trees
Advice from Phil Thomas, member, Rare Fruit Council of Australia

A Fly is a Fly is a Fly
George Frickmann summarizes computerized taxonomy approach described in 'Science News'

A Century of Citrus Breeding
An overview of successes (and Failures), and some of the reasons, by geneticist Robert Soost

The 'Cara Cara' Pink Navel and Other Pigmented Citrus
C.T. Kennedy explores the whys and wherefores of pigmentation after a tantalizing introduction to one pink navel

Michigan Company Claims High Success Rate in Rooting Cuttings
Welcome news about a soon-to-be-released method

Harvesting, Storing and Marketing Hardy Kiwis
Third in a hardy kiwi series by David Kuchta

Sorbs Complete a Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man
C.T. Kennedy passes on James Joyce's sorb connection as reported in 'Le Monde'

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