Fruit Gardener

Volume 26, No. 6 - November/December 1994

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Specialty Vegetables: An Overview
Peter Holthe
Jujube in Russia
Leonid Burmistrov (Edited by Roger Meyer)
Seeds in Need: The Vavilov Institute
Gabrielle Strobel
About Plumcots and Pollination
C.T. Kennedy
Can an Unknown Become a Winner
Roger & Shirley Meyer
Tips on Picking Jujube
Samuel Powers
ARS Cooperative Agreements
Hardy Kiwis: What and When to Prune
David Kuchta
End of an Era in the Kiwifruit Industry
Art Schroeder
Indio Mandarinquat: A Kumquat-Tangerine Hybrid
Alfred Loeblich
Ode to a Brave Papaya
Othello H. Birch
A Great Nursery and a Great Field Trip
Ed Hager
What Will Happen to Your LIbrary?
Gretchen Sanders
The Most Important Crop You Will Ever Plant
Carol Graham
Don't Confuse Sphagnum Moss with Peat Moss
Gerry Hood
A Visit to Paradise
George A. Frickmann
Gene Found to Control Tomato Sugar Type
Matching Donations for the Development Fund
Robert Vieth

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