Fruit Gardener

Volume 26, No. 3 - May/June 1994

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Sapodilla-A Crop for Southern California?
Michael Mickelbart
Planting and Care of Jujubes: The First Year
Roger Meyer
Fruit Smuggling
Alice Ramirez
Post-Harvest Treatment of Produce
Ed Hager
Growing Passionfruit
Katherine Pyle
The Sorb, Sorbus domestica L.
C.T. Kennedy
Africanized Honey Bees Q&A
Gretchen Sanders
Honey Bees in Our Future
Eric C. Musssen Ph.D.
Don't Just Smell the Roses-Eat Their Seed Pods
Caroline Hoover
A Few Bright Ideas
Pat Weissleader
It's Not Too Late (garden planting)
Ed Hager
Container Gardening: Getting Citrus to Fruit
Gretchen Sanders

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