Fruit Gardener

Volume 25, No. 5 - September/October 1993

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Preparing Scionwood
Container Grown Peaches in Israel
Gretchen Sanders
Soil Fertility Through Weeds and Cover Crops
Alice Ramirez
Amaranth: Try Something New
Dan Jason
Edibles from the Orchards of Japan: Part 3
Subir Sanyal
Thin That Fruit!
Alice Ramirez
Vegetable Varieties
Ed Hager
The Rare Fruit Diospyros lotus
Jim Bathgate
Delightful Costa Rica
John Gault
Africanized Honey Bees
David Guggenheim
Temperate or Subtropical: What's in a Name?
Eunice Messner
1993 Survey Results
George Frickmann
Certified Farmers' Markets
Kathleen Peck
Chestnuts in California: A Viable Industry?
Beverly Berkley
Vegetable Irrigation
Ed Hager
Container Gardening: Peaches
Gretchen Sanders

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