Fruit Gardener

Volume 24, No. 6 - November/December 1992
(White Sapote - Fruit of the Year)

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The White Sapote and Some of Its Relatives
Robert C. Chambers
Subtropical Plants in the Low-Elevation Desert of Arizona
Alois Falkenstein
White Sapote, Casimiroa, Aztec Fruit: What's in a Name?
David Wallace
Casimiroa Pringlei
Robert C. Chambers
Shifting the White Sapote Paradigm
Karen Caplan
Some Observations on Growing the White Sapote
George F. Emerich
The White Sapote: A True Survivor
Paul Jackson
Avocados and Citrus: A Nurseryman s Choice
Alice Ramirez
Frost-Resistant Avocados Anyone?
Don Gholston
Importance of Bud Position in Annonas
C.A. Schroeder
Why Gwens Do Not Bear Fruit
Calif. Co-op. Extension
Edible Wild Fruits of Hawaii, Part II
Subir Sanyal, Ph. D.
Pasternak Talks to San Diego Chapter
Neglected Native Fruits and Shrubs, Part II
Jerry A. Payne, et al
Picking Up Pawpaws...and Growing Them, Too
Katherine Pyle
Recreating the Pawpaw Patch
Ray Jones
Subtropicals in the San Joaquin Valley? Yes!
Jeff Earl
The Pawpaw Foundation
Myrtaceous Fruits of the Philippines
R.D. Coronel, Ph.D., F.S. de la Cruz, Jr., M.S.
The News from North Borneo
Peggy Winter
Lizardhaven Notes: Subtropicals in the Desert
Pat Weissleader
Container Gardening: Low-chill Fruits
Gretchen Sanders

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