Fruit Gardener

Volume 23, No. 6 - November/December 1991
(Fig - Fruit of the Year)

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Botany and Horticulture of Figs
Louise Ferguson, Ph. D.
Try Wild Figs, Too
Chiranjit Parmar, Ph. D.
Figs in California: History and Prospects
Louise Ferguson, Ph. D.
Will the San Joaquin Valley Be the Birthplace of an Improved Calimyrna?
James F. Doyle
Fig Trees in Coastal Southern California Areas:
A Nursery Viewpoint
George Cunningham
A Collector s Viewpoint
Richard E. Watts
UC Riverside Fig Breeding Update 1991
Gray Martin
Figs in Containers
Gretchen Sanders
Fig Culture in the Southeastern U.S.
A.J. Ballard
Small Farm Operations Quiz
James C. Bathgate
Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Trees As Unconventional Culinary Sources, Part I
Subir Sanyal, Ph. D.
The Red Kiwis Are Coming!
Roger & Shirley Meyer
Unusual Drought-Tolerant Fruits: A Presentation by Dave Silber
Adam Wolf
How to Catch a Raccoon Through His Sweet Tooth
John Panzarella
Rearing Decollate Snails
Herbert Drapkin, Ph. D.; Leo Pinkas
Using Brent Tisserat s Box to Simplify Automation of Plant-Tissue Culture
Robert C. Chambers
Using Spray-N-Grow on Apples: A Report
Pete Garza
CRFG Chapters Sponsored Plantings
Tour of UCSC: Useful Observations
Melita Israel
Shopping for Tropical Fruits
Harry Sanders
The Chironja
Felipe Osborne Shea
Under the Soviet Sun
Andrew Mariani
Cape Gooseberry
Louis Trap
Lizardhaven Notes: Drip Irigation
Pat Weissleader

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