Fruit Gardener

Volume 22, No. 4 - July/August 1990

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Passiflora: Fruit of the Year
Passionfruit the World Over
Muriel Fisch
Passionfruit Panel:
Patrick Worley, Peter Nichols, Karen Caplan & Richard McCain
Passiflora Grafting for Colder Climes
Clive Simms
CRFG/NAFEX Symposium, UC-Davis
Fruit in an English Garden
Harry Baker
A Gene Bank for Plants
Kathleen S. Rigert
Fig Biology
Mikeal L. Roose
The International Ribes Association
Steven McKay
Importation of Temperate Fruit & Nut Germplasm
Kim Hummer
Seed Savers Echange's Historic Apple Orchard
David Sliwa
Unwanted Fruit?
Ed Hager
1990 Cherries; Scarce but Tasty
Harry Sanders
Pineapple Guava: Hardier Than You Think
Jack Rice
Basic Course in Plant Pathology
Melita Israel
Fruit Registrations
Germination Requirements for Hovenia dulcis Seeds
George C. Quesada
Vegetable Patch: Sweet Potatoes, Sugar Peas, Misc.
Ed Hager

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