1989 Journal & Yearbook

Volume 21 - 1989 Journal
(Year of the Actinidia)

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Introducing the Actinidia (2 pgs.)
Clytia M. Chambers
Low-Chill Actinidias - An '89 Update (3 pgs.)
Roger Meyer
In Search of Russian Kiwis (1 pg.)
Jim Gilbert
Where We Are with Actinidia in California (4 pgs.)
Roger Meyer
Kiwi Plants in a Container? (3 pgs.)
Roger Meyer
Actinidia: Wild-Growing Plants as a Natural Source of Vitamin C (translated from Russian by R. Meyer) (3 pgs.)
E.I. Kolbasina
What's Going Wrong? Or How to Diagnose Some Kiwi Problems (3 pgs.)
Roger Meyer
Step-by-Step Grafting of Kiwi Plants (2 pgs.)
Roger Meyer
Differentiating Grafted from Seedling Kiwifruit Plants (2 pgs.)
Roger Meyer
Actinidia Enthusiasts Newsletter (Review) (1 pg.)
Dianne M. Hand
Giuseppe Massidda, Kiwi Pioneer 1889-1988
C.T. Kennedy
Espaliering the Cherimoya (4 pgs.)
Phil Clark
Raspberries, Blackberries & Blueberries (2 pgs.)
Bob Holzinger
Drought-resistant Fruits and Nuts for the Water-efficient Landscape (12 pgs.)
Tom Del Hotal
Herb Trees for Warm Climates (12 pgs.)
Robert E. Bond
A.K.A. Zapote (2 pgs.)
Lois Fonseca
The Registry of Subtropical Fruit Cultivars (4 pgs.)
C.A. Schroeder
Information for Plant Registration
Fruit Registration Procedures
1989 Registrations
Previous Registrations.

1989 Yearbook

out of print
A Description of CRFG, 1989 (3 pgs.)
C.T. Kennedy
Anecdotal History (2 pgs.)
Pat Sawyer
Apples for Low Chill Areas (3 pgs.)
Frank James
I Wonder Where the Water Went? (4 pgs.)
Pat Sawyer
Low Chill Fruits and Subtropicals (5 pgs.)
Eunice Messner
Growing Persimmons (1 pg.)
Pat Houghton
Useful Weights, Measures and Equivalents (3 pgs.)
Franklin F. Laemmien
Glossary of Botanical Terms (4 pgs.)
Pat Sawyer
Fruits Recommended by Specialists (2 pgs.)
Robert Fitzpatrick
David Kier
J.W. Stephenson
David Silber
NAFEX Fruit Testing Groups (3 pgs.)
CRFG Nurseries and Fruit Sources
Eunice Messner (Obsolete. See Current list.)
Host Plants for Diseases (1 pg.)
Robert Kourik
Chill Requirements (1 pg.)
Robert Kourik
Nitrogen Requirements For Fruit and Nut Trees (1 pg.)
Robert Kourik
Treasurer's Report
Chapter Charter
RFCA Common Names & Guide to Fruits (19 pgs.)

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