1987 Journal & Yearbook

Volume 19 - 1987 Journal
(Year of the Persimmon)

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Some Notes on Non-Astringent Persimmon Cultivars
C.A. Schroeder
The Pleasures of Growing a Fuyu Persimmon Tree
Caroline Hoover
The Black Sapote: A Persimmon Relative
William T. Drysdale
Persimmon - Ebenaceae
Drying Persimmons for Quality
R. E. Watts
Oriental Persimmons in Florida
Harold N. Acrivos
Missouri Persimmons
Charley Schaaf
Persimmon is a Specialty Crop With a Growing Demand
Claude Sweet
No. Calif. Persimmon Association First Annual Report, 1927
The Kaki or Oriental Persimmon
I.J. Condit
Rootstocks for Persimmons
Eugene Fowler
Persimmon Wood
Dr. J. H. Barr
Uses of the Persimmon (including recipes)
Notes from the NCPA Report
Gibberellic Acid Fruit Set & Seed Germination
John Riley
Rare Fruit in Zaire
Roy Danforth
Rare Fruit For San Diego County
Tom Del Hotal
Kiwifruit Varieties for Backyard Gardeners In Warm-Winter Areas
Roger Meyer
California Bay & Other Bay Leaves
Donald F. Weitzel
Birds: Natural Pest Control
Alice A. Estep
Information For Plant Registration
1987 Registrations
Previous Registrations
Botanical Listing of Fruits, Berries & Nuts

1987 Yearbook

out of print
Growing Rare Fruit From Seed (2 pgs.)
John M. Riley
Planting Guide for Trees and Shrubs (2 pgs.)
Pacific Tree Farms
Irrigation (2 pgs.)
B. Van Zonneveld, D. Krosky
The Custom Fruit Tree (1 pg.)
L. Evans, L. Rodriguez
Grafting Tips (2 pgs.)
J. F. Donan
Fertilization (2 pgs.)
L. A. Cornish, D. W. Donahoo
Soil Fertility: Analysis and Interpretation (5 pgs.)
D. F. Havens
Composting (4 pgs.)
E. Konigsberg
Insect Control (1 pg.)
W. L. Nelson
Furred and Feathered Garden Pests (2 pgs.)
G. Culver
Fruit Thinning (2 pgs.)
E. Konigsberg
Marketing (2 pgs.)
T. Del Hotal
Recommended Fruit Trees for Bay Area (2 pgs.)
B. Thompson
Recommended Fruit Trees for Frost Free Areas (2 pgs.)
G. Emerich
Seed Characteristics Table (8 pgs.)
J. M. Riley
Recommended Books (2 pgs.)
Rare Fruit List (16 pgs.)
Local Chapter Charter
Articles of Incorporation
Botanical Listing of Fruits, Berries & Nuts
Common Names/Family/Genus

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