Volume 14 - 1982 Yearbook

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The Paw Paw
Paul H. Thomson
in Illinois
Robert Kurle
in Indiana
Rosa Glasser
in Kentucky
Henry Converse Jr.
in Southern Michigan
Corwin Davis
in Northern Mississippi
William S.Robinson
in Southern Mississippi
James J. Anding
in Ohio
Benton R. Duckworth
in Oklahoma
Frank A. Johnson
Container Culture
William L. Nelson
Containerized Layering of Malus Rootstocks
Richard H. Munson
The Fig - Its Rise, Decline & Renaissance
George E. Herrera
Growing the Cavendish Banana
Brian Lievens
Choosing a Variety of Papayas (Carica Papaya) for Export to Europe
Ariel Shai
Wild Fruits of Australia
John M. Riley
Proposal for Standardizing Names of Fruits in the Philippines
Roberto E.Coronel
Some Needed Name Standards
O.W. Barrett
List of Rare Fruits & Nuts - 1982

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