Volume 11 - 1979 Yearbook

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The Evolution of Fruiting Plants
John M. Riley
The Rose As a Fruit (Nutritional Value)
E.J. Nobbs
The Avocado
Donald W. Mitchell
The Citrus Family
John M. Riley
Winter Freeze (Understanding Conditions, Protection Hints, Aftermath of Freeze)
Burt Fisch
Some Factors Influencing Cold Tolerance in Rare Fruits
Paul H. Thomson
Re-evaluating Cold Hardiness of Certain Tropical Fruit Trees
Henry Dawes
Freeze Damage to Tropical Fruits in So. Florida, 1977
C.W. Campbell
Notes on Growing Passifloras in La Mesa
Joseph C.Smith M.D.
Update on Amateur Winemaking
Richard A. Baughman
List of Rare Fruits and Nuts with Hardiness Rating
Botanical Name Changes

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