Volume 7 - 1975 Yearbook

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In Memorium - Wilson Popenoe, Nelson Westree (2 pgs.)
Passionfruit The World Over (43 pgs.)
Muriel Fisch
Cultivation of Granadillas in So. America (16 pgs.)
Frans A. Kuhne
Summer Grafting of Deciduous Fruit Trees (2 pgs.)
Orton B. Englehart
Building a Mist Propagation Frame (17 pgs.)
Raymond F. Vincent
The Black Sapote (7 pgs.)
Burton E. Fisch
Jojoba Horticulture (67 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
Recipes: Passionfruit - Granadilla (16 pgs.)
Muriel Fisch

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