Volume 6 - 1974 Yearbook

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In memorium - Milo D. Gibson
The Paw Paw (listed below)
The Silva of North America (7 pgs.)
Charles S. Sargent
A Treatise on the Pawpaw (12 pgs.)
James A. Little
Where are the Best Pawpaws? (8 pgs.)
Journal of Heredity
Hybrids of the American Pawpaw (11 pgs.)
G.A. Zimmerman
The American Pawpaw and its Food Value (8 pgs.)
The Best Pawpaws (14 pgs.)
Journal of Heredity
Asimini Species/Hybrids in No. Shenandoah Valley of Va. (3 pgs.)
W.S. Flory
Chromosome Numbers in the Annonaceae (8 pgs.)
Wray M. Bowden
Triploid Mutants Among Diploid Seedling Populations (7 pgs.)
Wray M. Bowden
Trees, Shrubs & Woody Vines of the So.West, The Pawpaw (2 pgs.)
Robert Vines
A Revision of Asimina & Deeringothamnus (7 pgs.)
Robert Kral
The Paw Paw Brought Up-to-date (43 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
The Paw Paw in Southern Michigan (7 pgs.)
Corwin Davis
The Paw Paw in Illinios (5 pgs.)
Robert Kurle
The Paw Paw in Ohio (3 pgs.)
Banton R. Duckworth
The Paw Paw in Indiana (1 pg.)
Rosa Glaser
The Paw Paw in Kentucky (2 pgs.)
Henry Converse, Jr.
The Paw Paw in Oklahoma (1 pg.)
Frank A. Johnson
The Paw Paw in Northern Mississippi (1 pg.)
William S. Robinson
The Paw Paw in Southern Mississippi (1 pg.)
James J. Anding
Paw Paw Index (5 pgs.)
Unclassified Avocado Varieties of the Property of Joe Massidda (Guatemalan, Mexican, and Tahitian) (8 pgs.)
John Delevoryas
Pruning and Pollinating the Cherimoya (6 pgs.)
Orton H. Englehart
The Tamarind (30 pgs.)
Burton E. Fisch
Some Seed Sowing Suggestions (17 pgs.)
Raymond F. Vincent
The Tree Tomato (23 pgs.)
Muriel Fisch
Recipes: Guava cake, Tamarind, Tree Tomato, & Persimmon (18 pgs.)

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