Volume 4 - 1972 Yearbook

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Cherimoyas in California (5 pgs.)
Tony & John Brown
Synsepalum dulcificum, the "Miracle Fruit" and Gympnema sylvestre, its counteragent (4 pgs.)
Muriel Fisch
Establishing a Mango Grove in San Diego, CA (8 pgs.)
Jerry Staedeli
Seaweed and Fruit Trees (10 pgs.)
Nance F. North
Growing Rare Fruit Trees in Containers (12 pgs.)
John M. Riley
The Macadamia in California (61 pgs.)
Paul H. Thomson
The European Earwig (3 pgs.)
Martha Van Ness
Rare Fruits at U.C. Santa Clara (1 pg.)
Kermit Carter

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