PASSIFLORA EDULIS - Passion Fruit, Purple Granadilla
Native of Brazil. One of about 350 species of passiflora, many of them with the characteristic flower. The striking flower has given the fruit its name. Found by the colonizing Spanish priests, they were used to explain the crucifixion to their converts. The three styles represented the nails; the stamens, Christ's wounds; the filaments, the crown; and the petals and stamens the Apostles. An extremely vigorous growing vine, furnished with tendrils by which it climbs. Hardy in the southernmost U.S., it should be given a sunny site, sheltered from the cold winds. The fruit is a berry, covered with a hard tough shell. Before ripening, the tough skin is almond-green, when ripe, a dull purple. The flesh is light orange and surrounds many small dark seeds. Propagated by seed or cutting. Hybrids do not come true to seed.