A handsome evergreen tree, widely grown in the drier tropics and subtropical U.S. for its superb and often very colorful fruit (the peach of the tropics) The shape of the tree varies from upright and tall, to round, or to a broad base and conical top. It should be pruned to maintain size and shape. The round to oblong fruit has green, yellow, red or purple skin that is fairly thick and leathery and dotted with glands. It contains a caustic sap which can cause irritation to eyes and skin and care should be taken when it is picked. The yellow flesh varies in thickness, texture and flavor from soft, fiber-free, sweet and juicy to fibrous and turpentine-flavored. It is rich in vitamin A and contains quantities of B and C. Propagated by fresh (do not allow seed to dry out), polyembryonic seed or grafting.